MS Severe Weather Preparedness Week: Warning Reception


Severe Weather Preparedness Week continues across the state ahead of the spring season.

Today’s focus is warning reception, making sure you have a way to receive weather alerts and preparedness tips before, during, and after a storm.

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The National Weather Service says even the most detailed forecast or warning becomes ineffective if you don’t have a way to receive the information and use it to protect you and your home.

Harrison County EMA Director Rupert Lacy tells us how we can more effectively prepare for severe weather. “Remember a warning is coming out and that is telling you that it’s imminent. We like to say that if you have your weather radio then you’re going to get a watch warning or a watch alert. So that kind of tells you that it’s coming, but pay attention to the local media to see what is being said and where the storm is traveling.”

As always you can stay weather aware on the go with our WXXV News 25 Weather Authority app for the latest forecasts and alerts. Click here to download that app.