MSU, MGCCC agree on culinology program


It’s a winning combination and a sure-fire recipe for success.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is pairing with Mississippi State University, opening the door for even more opportunities for students who receive their associate’s degree in culinary arts and baking and pastries programs.

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Students in the program spend about two years working towards their associate’s degree in these fields, building a firm foundation for employment in the local culinary work force and beyond.

Under this agreement, the first batch of students at MGCCC to obtain their associate degree in these fields will have a clear path to finishing up a bachelor’s of science degree in culinology at MSU. MGCCC Dean of Teaching and Learning Dr. Erin Riggins said, “We have signed an agreement with Mississippi State University where they will accept our technical degree programs as the first two years of that student’s education, so they can then extend on their education and get that Bachelor’s of Applied Science or Bachelor’s of Science in culinology. We’re so excited because we believe in what we do here. MSU believes in what we do here, so much so that when the faculty looked at this program, and when they looked at the curriculum, they said this is of such quality that we want these students to transfer to us.”

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