State of the State Address


Prison reform was one of the main focuses of Governor Tate Reeves’ State of the State Address in Jackson today.

In addition to the inmates dying while in custody, there have been several complaints about ‘inhumane,’ ‘unsanitary,’ and ‘unsafe’ conditions at Parchman and protestors have voiced their concerns over the state’s prison system as a whole.

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Today, Reeves announced that he is working with the Mississippi Department of Corrections to close Unit 29 at Parchman.

That would close what the governor calls “the most notorious” unit at Parchman following multiple inmate deaths since December.

During the speech, Governor Reeves also discussed various topics including the education system and teacher pay, health care, infrastructure, and the workforce.

Governor Reeves recently signed into law legislation to ensure Mississippi teachers will get the $1,500 pay raise they were promised.