HoopsFest 2020


Saturday marked a day of hoops over at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum as high school basketball players showed off their skills in front of a local crowd.

The 26th annual Hoopsfest brought together 14 high school teams from the state, including 12 from the Coastal area to battle on the hardwood.

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Along with the seven matchups between the teams throughout the day, the event also featured a unified game and three point contest.

HoopsFest Director Bryan Caldwell says HoopsFest helps prepare teams for the state championship environment. “Well, if you’re a high school kid, this is a great time in your career because very rarely do you get to play in a facility like this one. This mimics what they will play in when they make it through the state tournament and it’s just a lot different feel than we’re in a high school gym.”

Big local winners from the day’s competition include Bay High, Gulfport, and Harrison Central.