Cody Stogner next in line as head football coach at Picayune


If there’s anyone capable of following in the footsteps of Picayune coaching legend Dodd Lee, it’s a long time disciple that knows the program inside and out as a coach and player.

On Tuesday night, Cody Stogner was approved by the school board as the next head football coach of the Maroon Tide.

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A 2002 graduate of Picayune, Stogner has been an assistant under his former coach for 13 years and has also been the head baseball coach since 2017.

On the gridiron, Stogner has been a part of two state championships at Picayune and has recently served as the program’s offensive coordinator.

Under his direction in 2019, senior running back Cameron Thomas led the nation with more than 3,500 yards rushing to go along with 51 total touchdowns.

Unfortunately for the Tide, the 14-1 dream season culminated with a 38-26 loss to West Point in the 5A title game leaving Picayune’s first new head coach since 1996 with plenty of lessons learned heading into 2020. “When you coach under a coach like Coach Lee he holds you accountable, and so it’s taught me to hold myself accountable. Of course the state championship game didn’t go the way we planned, but like he always says you learn more from your losses than you do your wins. And so we’re already ready to get back to work and preparing to understand what we can do to get past that and move on, and just continue to just keep getting better and give these kids what they deserve and that’s our best effort and that’s what we’re expecting out of them,” said Stogner.

Coach Lee said, “He has to put his own stamp on things and I’m sure he will. You can’t be anybody but you when you do this business. So he’ll figure out what that is and they’ll go from there. I know he’ll do a great job.”

On the Diamond, Stogner’s top assistant Evan Nichelson will take over as skipper.


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