Anonymous donor pays off all lunch debt at North Gulfport Middle


The slate has been wiped clean for North Gulfport Middle School students with lunch debt.

An anonymous donor took it into their own hands to clear all remaining debt to start the new year. Principal Natasha Williams says a donation like this makes a huge impact for local families, taking away the burden or stress a family may have to pay for their child’s lunch.

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Now it gives them more time to get on the right track for the rest of the school year. “They didn’t have the opportunity to complete the necessary paperwork, or maybe they just may have gotten a little behind. So just removing the added stress or the burden from that parent and having the opportunity for someone to come in, not knowing them, to take care of the debt for them. I am just very grateful that someone would think enough of us here at North Gulfport Middle School to give us such a generous donation. I can tell you we are forever grateful for this blessing.”

Nutrition Director Brad Barlow says the donor cleared more than $800 worth of debt for students.