Bernard Blackwell All-Star Game Preview: South Side sounds off prior to game


The grim reality of high school football is in the heartbreak almost every team feels when their season inevitably comes to an end.

And unless that end is one of just six gold balls, chances are graduating seniors are feeling a tad bittersweet about the end of an era.

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But the Barnard Blackwell All-Star Game is extending some of those high school careers, culminating with Saturday’s 71st annual North-South classic.

Thirteen of the 84 players are representing the six Coastal counties and they play for the South Side.

This afternoon, those rivals turned teammates took the field at Harrison Central for their second practice of the day and third overall.

So, whether it’s about proving something to the scouts, getting rid of a sour taste, or just strapping up the pads one last time, the South Side appears to be more than ready to put on for their respective towns.

To hear from Coast players Timothy Mickle and Elijah Jenkins from Picayune, Tommie Johnson from Gulfport and Drake Thorton from Gautier watch the video above.

Let’s not forget, last year’s classic produced a strange result with the game ending in a 0-0 scoreless tie.