Salvation Army City Hall Bell Ringing Challenge


The City of Gulfport is spreading holiday cheer today at the Sam’s Club with the Salvation Army’s ‘City Hall Bell Ringing Challenge.’

All funds raised go right back to the community to help with social services programs. These programs include assistance for the homeless, cold weather shelters, and life skills classes.

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Lashaundra McCarty with the City of Gulfport tells News 25 the challenge is just a way to appreciate the Salvation Army for all the things they do within the community. “It’s an opportunity for us to contribute. The Salvation Army does so many wonderful things in our community and they support a lot of our citizens who need a little extra hand, particularly during the holiday season. So, for us to be able to participate and help them continue the great work, it’s actually a true privilege.”

The City of Gulfport will be at the Sam’s Club in Gulfport until 5 p.m. today. Donations can be made online as well.


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