Computer Science Week with Pepper


Students at Three Rivers Elementary got a visit from a high tech friend today.

This robot fun kicked off ‘Computer Science Week’ with focuses on technology, STEM, and coding.

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Pepper is a humanoid robot brought to the school by C-Spire which costs a whopping $35,000.

They started introducing Pepper and their other robots to schools in our state last year which is part of their tech movement.

Students got the chance to interact with Pepper by asking her questions and even dancing with her. Science Teacher Sharita Barnes said, “They’re really engaged because they have to really think about what they are doing. It helps with their processing so they can see if that’s something they want to do one day because a lot of them love video games. Do you understand in order to play this video game there is a lot that goes into it. They are all about the hands on and being able to link it to the real world.”

Today’s activities also started  off ‘Hour of Code,’ which is a time set aside every year to host activities designed to help students learn the basics of coding and computers.