BREAKING: Coast Guard searching for airman that fell into Gulf from C-130 near Florida Panhandle

U.S. Coast Guard performs water rescue. Source: U.S. Navy.

HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. — The U.S. Coast Guard is actively searching for a missing airman who fell out of an aircraft over the Gulf of Mexico.

Officials say the airman fell out of an Air Force C-130 while flying over the water Tuesday near the coast of Northwest Florida. They also said the airman was wearing a parachute that did deploy, but the crew wasn’t able see him after he entered the Gulf.

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The 24th Special Operations Wing said in statement Tuesday night, that the incident happened “during a jump training scenario over the Gulf of Mexico approximately 4 miles south of Hurlburt Field.”

Several vessels with the Coast Guard and multiple Air Force aircraft are being used in the search.

The airman’s identity has not been released.