BEAM event helps students get energized for energy careers


It was an electric atmosphere today at Mississippi Power’s operations center as high school students learned more about energy careers.

From linemen to logistics, it’s time to get energized about energy. Mississippi Power and the American Association of Blacks in Energy Gulf Coast Chapter but on a ‘BEAM’ event for 100 African-American high school students from ten high schools across the Coast.

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Students learned more about how energy is generated and what equipment professionals use through keynote speakers and group breakout sessions.

Kim Washington is the inclusion and diversity manager with Mississippi Power. “It highlights the contributions of African-American energy professionals. It also gives exposure to minority students regarding careers and what can be done within or throughout the energy industry.”

Moss Point High Junior Jaiden Joseph is interested in engineering and was excited to make connections with Mississippi Power. “It’s always good for like networking and everything because you get to meet all these interesting people that someday down the road might help you out when you need a job.”

For Harrison Central High Senior Aniyah Oliver, ‘BEAM’ has helped open new potential career paths. “It just never, you know, clicked, like I could probably you know do marketing or something, corporate office for the Mississippi Power.”

In an ever-growing industry, Mississippi Power hopes students see how diverse the energy sector can be. “It’s all about our employees bringing their authentic selves to work each day and thrive while feeling welcomed, valued, respected, and heard. So that’s a big part of showing them, you know, just like we do it in the industry each day, it’s important for our company to do it as well.”

Now, students realize new horizons have opened for life after high school. “For me personally as an African-American female as well as the rest of the students there, the possibilities in these fields are limitless. You’re not just limited to one specific thing.”