Manatee sightings in Back Bay


Visitors to Biloxi’s Back Bay may have the chance to spot some very large sea animals.

Photos from a recent Facebook post from the Mobile Manatees Sighting Network show the presence of manatees in the bay.

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Dr. Moby Solangi with the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies says that warm water released from the Mississippi Power Plant in Gulfport flows into the Back Bay and attracts the manatees as winter approaches.

Dr. Solangi says boaters on the bay need to take caution as manatees can be injured by propellers. “Manatees are very slow-moving, these are sea cows. They can grow as big as 2,000 pounds. They’re really, being so slow, they’re also very inquisitive. They will come close to you so when they do, just be careful.”

If the manatees are still in the area as winter rolls around, they may have to be moved to warmer water near Florida.