Long Beach man seeks justice after near death experience


Yesterday, we brought you the story about the truck that drove through the middle of a convenience store in Long Beach. Today we spoke with a man who was in the store and barely escaped death during that wreck.

News 25’s Kristen Anzuini tells us why he says he’s now looking for justice.

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Michael Wilson was a second away from getting run down by the truck plowing through the Hop-In Convenience Store in Long Beach Monday night. Now, Wilson says he is grateful to be alive. “Everything just started coming in on us, the walls, the glass. At first it was unbelievable until we actually turned and looked and noticed that it was a whole truck that was coming in through the walls.”

The driver of the truck that went through the store walked away without so much as a field sobriety test, something Wilson says he has some serious concerns over. “He got out and stumbled and he couldn’t stand up straight and he kept tripping over the curb, like you could tell he was drunk. The officers said there was no sign of that and they couldn’t smell the alcohol on him or anything like that. They took no effort into actually conducting a sobriety test or a breathalyzer.”

The Long Beach Police Department tells News 25 they followed protocol when it came to this situation and there was no need to use a breathalyzer on the driver of the truck. Lt. Kenny Lassabe with the Long Beach Police Department said, “There were three officers who interviewed him separately and all three came to the determination that he was not under the influence of alcohol and based off of that there was no need for it.”

The man driving the truck told Long Beach police officers he hit the gas instead of the brakes. Wilson hopes this near-death experience will inspire others to be more cautious. “If you’re going to the store, just watch your surroundings, just watch out. Anything can happen. I didn’t think so, but learning and seeing first hand, I mean, anything is possible.”

The Hop-In Store is now open to the public for business.


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