Bay High coach accused of violating First Amendment


The American Humanist Association is calling for the Bay-Waveland School District to take action against one of its employees.

The AHA is asking Bay High School to reprimand Head Football Coach and teacher Eric Collins. In a letter to the school district, the AHA says that they were contacted by a concerned parent about ‘serious and ongoing violations of the establishment clause of the First Amendment.’

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According to the AHA, Collins has organized team meetings at a local church and has told students that “the Big Bang Theory is false because God created life.”

AHA Legal Director Monica Miller tells News 25 that legal action will be taken if the school district does not respond to their letter. “We were a little alarmed to find out that there was a teacher actively proselytizing to his class in school classroom, on public school funds. So for the reason that it clearly violates the constitution, we do think that the school will take appropriate action because they don’t have a legal leg to stand on.”

While Mr. Collins declined to comment, the Bay Waveland School District released a comment saying: “We have not heard of the American Humanist Association before this letter. We try hard to do what’s best for our students under the constraints of the law.”


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