Cruisin’ the Coast impact on local businesses


After the hard summer on the tourism industry, many local businesses along the Coast were looking to ‘Cruisin’ the Coast’ to bring in sales.

News 25 spoke with Shawn’s Petit Boy Liquor Store to see how sales were doing compared to this summer.

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Owner Shawn Guider says she wasn’t hit as hard as some other coastal businesses, but the increase ‘Cruisin’ brings in always helps.

Sales were up 30 percent last week for Shawn’s and they expect a high increase for this week’s numbers. “Rather than just a weekend, it has turned into a ten day event for us here. As I said earlier, the previous weekend everyone came in like crazy. They love us and they just come in and talk about the beach and the events and is everybody this nice and I say yes.”

Guider also says she has been selling more of the plastic bottles so they can be enjoyed on the beach.