Autocross at the Coast Coliseum


‘Cruisin’ the Coast’ visitors lined up bright and early this morning at the Coast Coliseum for the last day of Autocross.

Autocross is a course set up with cones with the object being to get through as fast as possible. This is the fifth year Autocross has been a part of ‘Cruisin’ the Coast.’ Organizers say more cars and people come each year.

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Before their start today, they already had 400 cars take on the track. It’s one of the favorite events at ‘Cruisin,’ not only because car enthusiasts can test their rides, but also because spectators have the chance to get inside for a hands-on experience.

This is thanks to the rideshare program with BF Goodrich. Autocross driver J.B. Granger said, “It’s really a popular event because I mean, folks put their great parts, aftermarket parts, and you know you have muscle cars, late model cars that come out here. They just want to see what they can do with it. It’s a great sport.”

Autocross wraps up at 5 p.m. this afternoon. It is free to ride.


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