View the Cruise 2019


Locals and visitors from all across the country took over downtown Gulfport this weekend for an annual kickoff party featuring almost every car under the sun.

Cars and trucks both old and new took over Gulfport this weekend as a week full of vehicle-themed fun shifts into high gear.

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An event that encompasses all of downtown Gulfport, ‘View the Cruise’ is a way for car enthusiasts from all across the country to bond over their love of vehicles.

Hosted by the Gulfport Main Street Association, ‘View the Cruise’ celebrated its 10th anniversary by expanding from one to two days and focusing on entertainment for all ages. Gulfport Main Street Association Executive Director Laurie Toups said, “On our 10th anniversary we wanted to do something special, and we kind of blew it out of the water last night. We had a cardboard cruiser parade, which was a huge success. We had music at Fishbone Alley and we followed up with a big Saturday night concert that everybody loved.”

Every car that passes through ‘View the Cruise’ has a story. For Steve Doucet, his fully restored 1972 Chevy Chevelle is a way to honor the memory of his son Chase. “Bought this car, my oldest son was going to help me on it, the next night he was killed in a car wreck. So in his memory, I had help, got the car finished, and we cruise.”

More cars with more stories keep rolling in year after year. Toups says they added another 175 spots for vehicles to meet up with demand. “We’ve had to expand to accommodate for more cruisers, and they come more and more every year. They love this event and they have a lot of fun, and it’s something to get, we call ourselves the biggest kickoff party in the world.

Doucet believes that events like ‘View the Cruise’ are the only way for vehicle-lovers to share their passion with the community. “It’s the only way to get out and enjoy these cars. You meet all kinds of people. They’re all nice people. They all have the same thing in common. They may have a Chevrolet Vega, they may have a Volkswagen. Everyone has the same interest in old cars.”