Breakfast with Mayor FoFo Gilich


This morning citizens, business and community leaders gathered at the Golden Nugget for ‘Breakfast with the Mayor.’

During the breakfast, Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich gave updates on the 2020 Census, new bike lanes, and projects like the possible East Biloxi Convention Center.

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Another update Mayor Gilich gave was on the new Division Street expansion and gate to Keesler Air Force Base.  A part of this project was to widen the street to create a corridor to I-110 and they had to acquire land on each side which contained houses.

Mayor Gilich reported they were able to save four of the five old Biloxi houses that were set to be demolished. Now, only two structures on Division will be demolished as part of this process.

Biloxi City Engineer Christy Lebatard said, “We were trying all options to not have to tear them down so it really worked out great that we were able to save them and people got to get a house for very inexpensive to buy them from us. So, it was a win-win for everybody.”

Mayor Gilich said, “Anytime you invest in transportation and infrastructure it is an economic development opportunity and we feel strongly about that.”

The city will be approaching the city council soon to approve the transfer of those homes to those who plan on relocating them.


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