Burial garments for angel babies


It’s always a sad situation for a mother to lose a child, but especially shortly after birth.

While nothing can soothe a mother in that instance, the Southern Grace Angelic Gowns nonprofit organization is looking to help in a small way. This organization transforms donated wedding dresses into burial garments for babies that are stillborn or die shortly after birth.

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Southern Grace Angelic Gowns Vice President Angela Westbrook says they are looking forward to ‘Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month’ in October to give these families a chance to get closure and say goodbye to their little one. “We’re having a big festival. It’s going to have a lot of fun and games and activities for the family, but the focus of the festival is going to be a butterfly release. You can purchase butterflies and when your child or any loved one, not just a child, when your child’s name is read after a moment of silence, we’ll release a live butterfly for that child’s memory.”

SGAG provides services through hospitals with these items for families. If you would like to donate please visit their website at sgag.us or visit their Facebook page.