More Head Start programs coming to the area


Mississippi State University Extension is partnering with multiple school districts and learning facilities on the Coast to bring more head start programs to the area.

The program is designed to help youngsters transition from early care to kindergarten by getting used to the educational settings.

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There is currently only one Head Start program in Harrison County at the Moore Community House and there are nearly 100 kids on the waiting list.

Tonight, Director of Head Start Programs Jamila Taylor says they wanted to take an opportunity to have an open dialogue with the parents to keep them informed.

“A lot of times, when you don’t have any information, you begin to assume or get a little bit frustrated of not knowing. We understand that parents have to work, they are attending school. They want to know when school starts so they can begin to go back to providing for their children.”

Officials say the Head Start program will begin in the fall. However, no official start date has been announced.