Hurricane Camille events this weekend


Hurricane Camille made landfall on the Coast on August 17th 50 years ago, devastating those here in South Mississippi.

The Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum will host a variety of events over the weekend to remember the Category 5 hurricane.

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On Friday,  new documentary called “Camille: the Original Monster Storm” by Rex Jones will be shown at the Biloxi Premiere Lux Cinema at 2, 5, and 7 p.m.

On Saturday, the museum will dedicate its hurricane gallery to the civil defense directors for Harrison County and Biloxi at the time.

It’s an opportunity to remember how South Mississippi overcame adversity 50 years ago. Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum Program Coordinator Corey Christy said, “Nothing will ever touch what Camille was, but it is important to remind people not only about what can happen, but our ability to come back. If you are from the Coast, you live on the Coast, you know there’s always something coming up. Whether it’s the oil spill or hurricanes or whatever might be thrown at us, we always come back from it.”

A dedication will also take place at the museum at 6 o’clock on Saturday.


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