Attorney withdraws from Sims’ case


Today, Attorney Carlos Moore visited with the Jackson County District Attorney. Moore is representing the family of Toussaint Diamon Sims, who was shot last Thursday by a Moss Point police officer.

In a shocking development, family attorney of Toussaint Diamon Sims, Carlos Moore, has officially withdrawn himself from the case. “While we have asked the district attorney for the video for the family and I to see it and she has not granted that request. Because of that, I am hereby announcing that I am withdrawing from the case. I cannot do my job and make an independent assessment without all of the evidence.”

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Moore and Keena Sims, the mother of Diamon, met with Jackson County District Attorney Angel Meyers-McIlrath. The main topic of that meeting seemed to be the body-camera footage from the Moss Point officer which is currently possessed by Mississippi Bureau of Investigation. “I still stand that the officer is a cold-blooded murderer. It’s no color to me, black or white, it’s one race. If his attorney can see the body cam footage, I don’t know why my attorney can’t, well Diamon’s attorney can’t see the body cam footage.”

Although Moore has withdrawn himself, Sims tells News 25 she will hire another attorney. As far as the proposed $10 million lawsuit, Sims says there will be another one as she seeks justice for her son. “I hope that when he closes his eyes at night, and I’m not going to stop saying this, that he sees my son’s face. When he looks at his kids, whoever they may be, that my son’s face replaces their face.”

In a statement released by District Attorney Meyers-McIlrath, she detailed some of the topics of their meeting, emphasizing there were some questions she could not provide answers to due to the prohibitions under the rules of professional conduct.

Meyers-McIlrath is asking for patience as the investigation continues.


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