Remembering Peyton Henson on graduation night


‘Pomp and Circumstance’ rang throughout the Coast tonight as many high school seniors will be receiving their diplomas.

Peyton Taylor Henson was set to walk across the stage alongside his classmates this evening, but his life was cut short before that could happen.

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Peyton was honored in multiple ways during the Long Beach High graduation at the Coast Coliseum this evening. The chair he would have sat had his cap and gown, along with flowers and other mementos people left.

They also had a moment of silence at the beginning of the ceremonies. Those we spoke with say they will remember Peyton for his kindness and as a class clown. Rebecca Favre said, “He was a very funny, upbeat person. He was my class clown. Me and him, we made sure we got through class. He was someone you could count on.”

Ramirez Cooley Jr. said, “I mean, it just hurts to get so far and for everyone, all of my peers and just to not have one of them with us. It is not something that we can just let go, like, he should have been here with us.”

Peyton’s father was also there to help honor his son. He accepted his son’s diploma in his place with a standing ovation from the crowd.