Short Term Rental Update


The hot topic of short term rentals still remains in the City of Biloxi and now some changes were made regarding the issue.

The Biloxi City Council added NB, or neighborhood business, zoning districts for conditional use. Also in the commercial zones where hotels are allowed, the city council voted to continue to allow that as a use by right.

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Since the changes, the number of applicants has increased rapidly, meaning additional revenue is expected for the City of Biloxi. Director of Community Development Jerry Creel said, “Since the advertisement went out for the revisions, we have received 275 applications. We have actually issued 143 licenses. As the fire department continues their inspections and approve the inspections, we will issue more. But, it is actually moving in the right direction.”

Although changes were made, short term rentals are still not allowed in single family zoning. It is still allowed as a condition use in R-M 20 and R-M 30 zones.


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