Prepping for Thunder over the Sound


The countdown to the magnificent ‘Thunder over the Sound’ is into the single digits.

Even though the Air and Space Show doesn’t take place until Saturday and Sunday, you can expect to see crowds begin to gather along the beachfront Friday when the Thunderbirds begin practice sessions.

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Motorists can expect to see traffic cones going down Wednesday night as the city prepares to implement its special-event traffic plan.

Also to help aide with traffic and parking, City of Biloxi officials have designated five satellite parking lots with shuttle buses that will transport air show fans.  Cecilia Dobbs-Walton with the City of Biloxi said, “There will be a bus that will shuttle visitors from the parking lot to the flight line and then to a drop-off location for the visitors to walk from that area to the beach. The three drop off places are U.S. 90 and the light house, the Keesler Visitor’s Center, and the White House Hotel.”

The entire list of parking lots for the weekend can be found on the City of Biloxi’s website.