Biloxi police reflect on spring break


Black Beach Weekend draws people from all over the world to the Coast which means Biloxi police have to make sure they are ready to do all they can to keep everyone safe.

An estimated 30,000 people attended Biloxi Spring Break which added an approximate additional 18,350 vehicles to the roadways.

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Biloxi Police Chief John Miller estimates that there were around 20,000 more people here than during last year’s event. “Our numbers were down from previous years, but probably up from last year, but the problem is that 60,000 people were concentrated in a small area and just initially looking at it you would think there were more people, but that was plenty for that one little area.”

A total of 71 people were arrested, including 20 felony arrests and 58 motor vehicle crashes were documented. Police also issued 209 traffic citations and 61 vehicles were towed.