Breaking barriers at the NCBC: Katie Morrison named first female security major


One woman at the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport is breaking barriers and living her dream.

Katie Morrison always knew she wanted to be a police officer. “Since the time I was five, this has been my dream job.”

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At five-years-old, Morrison and her brother were kidnapped by her father and locked in a closet scared and alone. Her uncle, an Oregon police officer, was there to save the day. “My brother and I were in this closet together and the door opened and I see my uncle standing there in his uniform and I had never seen him in his uniform before and he took us out. So that was my first interaction with a police officer and I thought that’s what I want to do. I want to save people or help people.”

Fast forward decades later, Morrison is living her dream and making history while doing it. She is the first female major and one of only two training officers for the Naval Construction Battalion Center’s security force. When Morrison started as a patrolman back 1998 there were only two females in the entire department. “It is kind of a big deal because I think that women who work in male dominated fields sometimes have a little bit more to prove so for me to be the first female in this department, I think that its great because we have girls here that were young like me when they first got here and I think that just seeing how hard work and dedication, keep chasing your dreams and you can move up too.”

As a training officer, Morrison works hard day in and day out to make sure her officers are ready for anything that comes their way. “Training officer is something that I always wanted to do because it is the center of our department. You know we are tasked with keeping everyone qualified to do their job. I love weapons, I love tactics. So getting to do this job everyday has just been amazing.”

Morrison is not only an inspiration to those she works with, but also her three children who she is a single mother to. “I tell them the same thing every day, just never give up on your dreams and never be afraid of hard work.”