School beautification project at Popp’s Ferry Elementary


Local elementary school students have been working hard to give back to their community.

Inside of a little room at Popp’s Ferry Elementary School, something beautiful has happened. Art teacher Brandi Hoxie said, “My students have been competing in a Mississippi Arts Alliance mural contest. It’s a state wide art contest through making your campus look beautiful and taking a spot inside your campus that might not look so great, that needs a little help and having art transform it into a wonderful space.”               

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For two days straight, fourth grade students painted a mural inside of a small room that is frequented by cafeteria workers and custodians. The goal of the painting was to bring a smile to all of the employees’ faces and as the mural says ‘keep a song in your heart.’ Fourth grade student Adrienne Lally said, “I think it means to them that they need to keep a song in their heart and maybe sing while they work because singing might be a way to calm you down.”

For the employees at Popp’s Ferry Elementary who work in the small, gray, and sometimes cold room every single day, they say a little pop of color really warms up their day. Custodians and Janitors Supervisor Quanda Anthony said, “Sometime we come to work feeling down and we walk in here and see this and it’s warm and it inspires us. We can think about a happy song in your heart and it makes your day go a whole lot better.”

If Popp’s Ferry wins this state-wide competition, they will get $500 to spend on art supplies for the school. “Art supplies are very expensive. We go through so many supplies for this many students,” said Hoxie.

Fourth grade student Maximillian Birkle said, “We could have art supplies to make better projects to put around the school and the walls and stuff.”