Life-saving procedure at Garden Park Medical Center


Garden Park Medical Center is expanding its reach of care.

It now offers a low dose lung screening procedure. Roughly 8 million smokers are at risk each year of developing lung cancer. Only 18 percent who are diagnosed survive five years.

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The new procedure is simple. Qualifying patients are sent through the scanner three times while doing simple breathing exercises.

Registered C.T. Tech Amy Mullen says it’s a less than five minute procedure that could have a life-long impact. “Lung cancer is actually the leading killer in men and women. It’s something that we’re loving to be able to offer for our region. It reduces a little of the risk of late lung cancer detection because early detection will save lives.”

To qualify you must be 55 to 80-years-old and have a heavy history of smoking. If you do qualify, the procedure is covered with insurance and carries no co-pay.


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