Local woman looking for a donor


How closely do you pay attention to the signs on the side of the highway? Well, there is a sign near the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi that could save someone’s life.

To the average person, this may just seem like another sign you pass while driving down Highway 90 or a place to stop and rest during a walk, but to Julie Long this bench is a lifeline. “In 2002, I was diagnosed with stage 2 or 3 chronic kidney disease. I lost about 60 percent of my kidneys and over the years it slowly has gotten worse. Now, I am at stage 5 and I am in need of a kidney transplant.”

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Julie met up with News 25 outside of Memorial Hospital in Gulfport while she had some down time between doctor appointments, something that’s become all too common for her. “It’s a lot of going to the doctor.”

Julie is looking for her perfect match to save her life. “Yeah, my dad was generous and he put up two signs for me, one across from the Hard Rock and one on Division and I also have one on my car for advertisement.”

Finding the perfect donor is an extremely difficult task, filled with frustrations and heartbreak. “I had a friend of mine who was a match and we went through all of the testing and then it came down to the anatomy and it didn’t match up. It’s just every little thing matters.”

If you are ‘O’ positive or ‘O’ negative and want to see if you are a match for Julie call her at 228-365-3365. “To save my life.”