Local favorite reopens in Ocean Springs


After being closed for the past five years, an Ocean Springs favorite reopened its doors under a new name.

Local restaurant Jocelyn’s is back, well sort of.  After being open for 32 years, Jocelyn’s shut its doors in 2013. “She ran it for 31 years. She was the oldest here on the Coast. So, for a long time and then she got older, age caught up with her so she decided to let it go.”

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Following the closing, Jocelyn still catered events, but it just wasn’t the same. Determined to keep the tradition alive, Jocelyn’s grandson Patrick Bousqueto reopened the restaurant in August 2018 under a different name. “People were upset, saying who’s going to reopen it, when is it going to open again, is it still going to stay the same, this and that, so that’s when I talked to my mom about it and I was like ‘let’s open it, let’s give it a shot.’”

While most of the menu is the same as his grandmother’s, Bousqueto isn’t afraid to try something new, developing some of his own dishes like friend softshell crab with a seafood cream cheese sauce. “I can do my own twist, do what I wanna do, but keep it the same, I try to.”

Even with a new name, Patrick’s has seen plenty of the same clientele stopping by to grab a bite, proving that some things just never change.