Dog injured during response to medical call


What started as a response to a medical call turned out to be a horrific turn of events for one Gulfport resident, whose Labrador was shot by Gulfport police this morning. He wants answers.

It all started at about 8:30 this morning when Spencer Armstrong was preparing to take his mother to a medical appointment. “I found her on the floor bleeding, semi-conscious and twitching. So, I dialed 911 and I requested an ambulance. Within five or ten minutes later, I heard the front door just open.”

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Armstrong goes on to say that Gulfport police rushed through the door with firearms, not acknowledging the “beware of dog sign.”  “Before I can secure my pet, they had already let my dog out. I run to the front door and as I’m running out the door, they start yelling at me and they open fire while I’m running at my dog and started shooting.”

Armstrong tells News 25 police shot the family pet, Chief, several times in the head. The dog was rushed to a local veterinarian where he underwent surgery for his wounds. Armstrong says Chief could lose an eye and that the family was told they were stuck with the bill for the dog’s medical care. “They said it was going to be a minimum of $300. They were telling us basically that we were responsible because they were doing their job.”

News 25 reached out to the Gulfport Police Department. While they were not available for an on-camera interview, police told News 25 the dog was aggressive with police as they responded to what they are calling a “suspicious medical call.”

Armstrong tells News 25 he believes the situation could have been avoided, pointing out the ‘beware of dog’ sign hanging in the window right next to the front door. “They should have acknowledged my sign and not just opened my door. The medical call was for someone having medical issues with her medication or seizures or strokes.”