2/3 – The Chief’s “Sunny & Often Windy” Friday Afternoon/Weekend Forecast

Sunny skies and windy conditions will prevail this afternoon, with clear and cold conditions overnight. The biggest concern for the weekend is going to be morning lows Saturday. We will be under northwest flow aloft while high pressure at the surface slides east from MS Valley across the OH and TN Valleys and over the Appalachians.

This will wedge down into the northwestern Gulf and could provide a good enough setup for a favorable radiational cooling night. Initially the low level winds stay up all night, especially in the areas where this setup generally allows a few points to cool very efficiently.

Winds will finally try to drop off around 3 AM and if they can for a few hours before sunrise temps could plummet those last few hours. Another system will slide west to east Sunday providing for upper level clouds be rainfall is not expected.

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