16th annual Old Biloxi Cemetery Tour kicked off this weekend

Just in time for the final stretch of the spooky season is the return of the Old Biloxi Cemetery Tour.

The 16th annual tour kicked off yesterday at the cemetery. It features graveside historical presentations with the help from relatives of historic Biloxians and members of Biloxi Little Theatre.

They help bring historical figures to life while sharing their heritage. This year was devoted to the musicians of Biloxi.

Visitors walked throughout the gravesites, entertained by performers and singers.

All donations raised at the event will go back to the cemetery, which in turn will go towards repairs in order to preserve it for future generations. Down Town Services Assistant Laurie Rosetti said, “I’m ninth generation Biloxi and then my great, great, great, great grandfather came from Spain. It means a whole lot to me personally. He is just one of my ancestors here, like every Biloxian here we have multiple ancestors here.”

If you missed yesterday’s event, there is another tour happening Tuesday from 5 to 7 p.m.

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