12/07 – Brantly’s “Foggy” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Expect low temperatures tonight to only be three to five degrees cooler compared with this afternoon’s highs, ranging from the lower 50s across the northern portion of the forecast area to the lower 60s across the southeast portion of the forecast area.  Models support increasing coverage of showers and some elevated thunderstorms by late evening or after midnight, and continuing into the morning hours on Wednesday before pushing offshore by afternoon.

The other weather concern is fog, which is likely to be mixed in with the convection tonight into Wednesday morning, and some of the fog will be around already before sunset. This is a frontal fog as opposed to our more common radiation and advection fog, although the process of the cool air undercutting the warmer air above the surface is like advection fog with very low ceilings from stratus clouds dropping to the level where fog occurs. Some of the visibility guidance drops values to 1/4 mile or less in some spots by late tonight or early Wednesday morning,

There is somewhat higher confidence in the substantial warming on Thursday with highs soaring back to the mid 70s to near 80.

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