Ruck march hosted in memory of 9/11 victims

Ruck march hosted in memory of 9/11 victims

On Sunday, the nation will pay tribute to those we lost during the 9/11 terror attacks.

The 403rd Wing at Keesler Air Force Base paid tribute to 9/11 victims Friday morning by hosting a ruck march.

The security forces squadron led the march 5 miles around the flightline.

This event gives airmen and women time to reflect, remember, and honor all the civilians, first responders, and military personnel who lost their lives on 9/11 — as well as the families who suffered from the loss of their loved ones.

“The ruck march symbolizes the burden we carry not only as military members, but also as defenders, defending the installation against those criminal and terrorist threats,” said Chief Master Sergeant Ryan Buffington of the 403rd Squadron. “The ruck march allows us to showcase that symbolism and really take on the burder and show that we are carrying the burden for the things that we take and hold dear — the freedoms that we have.”

The 403rd Wing is tasked to organize, equip, train, and employ airlift forces in support of the nation’s interests.