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Ocean Springs Honors Local WWII Army Sergeant Veteran

The City of Ocean Springs is hosting a ceremony to honor a local hero Friday night.

Coast Organization Raising Money for Funeral of Homeless Vet

A Gulf Coast veteran recently passed away with no money to his name, but one man is stepping in to ensure the vet will still receive a dignified funeral.

Homeless Hope Raises Money for Burial Expenses of Veteran

Operation Homeless Hope is reaching out to provide a dignified burial to a recently deceased local veteran.

Back Bay Mission Completes Home for Local Veteran

Friday night, an Ocean Springs veteran is back in her home after being displaced for a year, thanks to Back Bay Mission.

Local Deceased Veteran Honored by Harrison Co.

J.C. McGuire Jr. served as the Principal of the Harrison County School District and as Harrison County's Tax Assessor for many years.

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