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Adoptions are the most rewarding service we perform. In fact, we enjoy adoptions so much, that we strive to work with almost any budget....

Child Support

Child support is set by statute in Mississippi and is based on the adjusted gross income of the payor and the number of children....

Child Custody

No parent wants to live apart from their child, which is why custody and visitation are so important. There is also the fact that...


Divorce affects families in much the same way that death does and divorce proceedings are often traumatic events that can last months, weeks, or...

Why is the Insurance Company Refusing to Pay?

You’ve been in an accident causing car damage and injuries. You’ve received an estimate for the repairs and have submitted it, along with your...

Damages in Personal Injury Cases

It is important that Mississippians understand what they are entitled to in the event they are injured in an accident caused by the negligence...

Insurance Coverage in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Mississippi drivers should be aware of the types of insurance coverage involved in a motor vehicle accident. There are three kinds of coverage offered...

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