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Year Since Lawsuit, Family Speaks Out

Mississippi ranks seventh in the nation when it comes to bullying. An ongoing lawsuit claims bullying led to the death of a seventh grade student...

Parents against Bullying

After a boy was sent to alternative school in Stone County for threatening to shoot up the school, parents now join together to address the underlying issue they believe is bullying.

Parents Against Bullying

One mother calls for the community's help to put a stop to what she says is an ongoing issue often overlooked. It all started when...

Local Man Starts Anti-Bullying Program

One hundred and sixty thousand teenagers skip school every day because of bullying. One local man is doing what he can to help those victims

Mother Speaks Out on Son Being Bullied

The mother of the Stone High student who threatened to shoot up the school last Thursday speaks out.

Our Gulf Coast Angels Raises Money for AvaLynn Harris

In the wake of the incident at Arlington Elementary School involving AvaLynn Harris, a local nonprofit is making a stand against bullying.