St. Patrick Lego Robotics Team wins State Championship

Legos are most commonly known as building blocks for people to play with, but St. Patrick High School takes it to a whole different level.

This year, St. Patrick High created a Lego robotics team for their seventh and eighth graders. Their goal at the very beginning was to perform well at the regional competition, but they surpassed all expectations.

This past weekend, the team competed at the state championship and received the highest score. All team members are very proud of their robot, Astro, and they’re excited for the future of the team moving forward. Team member Aidan Cloud said, “We just kind of all got together and we just started brainstorming what the best method would be to do everything we needed to do and it all sort of fell together.”

Team member Nicholas Gruich said, “This is a major accomplishment for us. Being a rookie team and going to state championships and getting the highest points our first year is a very great accomplishment for both of us, so we are all very happy.”

Coach Allison Cole said, “Just in general seeing so many young people thinking of innovative ideas and advancing their mission and goals, I thought was great.”

The state championship trophy was made out of Legos.

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