Safety and security training for administrators in the Harrison County School District

School is out for the summer, but local school administrators are getting a head start on their safety training for next year.

The Harrison County School District has once again partnered with the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security to offer security and crisis response training on a wide range of topics.

Today, school leaders learned more about human trafficking awareness, the vaping epidemic, and participated in the Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events training.

Administrators say this training is helpful each year to keep up with the latest technology and information on school safety. West Wortham Elementary and Middle School Assistant Principal Erin Cates said, “It’s more so to prepare us to when we’re in an intense situation, where we have to make a quick decision, that we have the information that we need so that we can keep ourselves and our students safe.”

Jim Brinson with the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security said, “At the end of the day, the main thing we try to get people to really understand is situational awareness is very important. Understanding what’s going on around you, and basically get your head out of your cellphone and look and see who’s looking at you and why and what you’re going to do if something happens.”

Cates says she’s used this crisis training in her own personal life such as when an intruder broke into her house.

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