Pascagoula, Resurrection Catholic showing mutual support ahead of State Championship Games

Out of the 24 MHSAA high school baseball programs on the six coastal counties, what are the odds that the only two playing in the state championship series are separated by less than a mile?

In less than 24 hours, both 5A Pascagoula and 1A Resurrection Catholic will be taking the diamond at Trustmark Park in Pearl.

Both teams had to win eight playoff games to get to this point with the Panthers losing twice in the post-season and the Eagles just once.

Given the proximity of the two schools, they’ve both been keeping close tabs on their friends across the street leading up to what’s sure to be a historic week. Resurrection Catholic Head Coach Johnny Olsen said, “I just think – I mean it’s a first. And you’ve just got great kids on both teams. Their kids were here watching us play and we went to support them and watch them play and we’re pulling for them.”

Resurrection Catholic Second Baseman Will Clemens said, “Beating the fences down out there, rooting for them because it would make it even cooler for them to be there while we’re there and have almost the whole city of Pascagoula rooting us on, so just a testament to how big baseball is here in Pascagoula.”

Pascagoula Second Baseman Houston Johnson said, “It feels good because growing up you play with kids from RCS and they’re like brotherhood to you too so it just feels good for everybody in the city just to be able to go to Trustmark.”

Pascagoula Pitcher Brayden Scott said, “I played with them growing up just like Houston did and still play with a bunch of them over the summer. it’s just we have a connection with them. They support us. We support them. It blows my mind, two teams from Pascagoula go up and play for a state title.”

Pascagoula Head Coach Richie Tillman said, “It’s truly amazing. It’s really a big accomplishment and this city should be proud. I know they are. Both teams are getting unbelievable support. I mean it’s going to be crazy at Trustmark on Tuesday. I think Pascagoula may take over Trustmark on Tuesday. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Gameday tickets are going for $15.

Here’s a look at the full schedule for RCS starting Tuesday at 1 p.m. and it’s the same time Thursday for game two and then Saturday as well for game three if necessary against Tupelo Christian.

Pretty much the same thing for Pascagoula six hours later on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday against Saltillo.

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