Medical Marijuana: what are the plans moving forward

Mississippi lawmakers sent a bill to Governor Tate Reeves on Wednesday that would establish a medical marijuana program for patients.

With a 46-4 vote in the Senate and a 103-13 vote in the House, lawmakers are in a majority agreement on the medical marijuana bill.

While it has been over 14 months of discussion and compromise since the original initiative was voted on, Senator Brice Wiggins of Pascagoula says the wait was worth it. “The legislature looked at and heard from the citizens of Mississippi and, as we should, took that into account.”

Now that the bill has officially passed, Governor Reeves has three options. He can veto the bill, sign the bill or pass the bill without signing. Citizens Alliance of MS Executive Director Shea Dobson said, “I would like the governor to go ahead and sign it and affirm the people’s will. The legislature voted for this overwhelmingly.”

Because lawmakers passed the final legislation with veto-proof majorities, a veto by Reeves would be reversed. “I saw some comments from him last night after the passage in the chambers and it gave me hope that he is actually going to sign it.”

The bill, which will become law once it is signed, is just the beginning. More legislation dealing with medical marijuana is expected to follow in years to come. “I’m of the belief that we need to get as close to the people’s will as possible. So, the bill is not perfect. We definitely need to work on some things, the allowable amount being one of those, but it’s a really good first start.”

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