Long Beach High seniors perform Taps for community

Two recent Long Beach High School graduates took time out of their Memorial Day to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

This afternoon, Dyllon Hadaway and Jacob Taylor performed Taps at 3 o’clock sharp in downtown Long Beach.

The two musicians played for a small crowd in front of the World War II Memorial at the Harper McCaughan Town Green.

Both Hadaway and Taylor chose to honor military men and women because they have several family members that have served our country over the years. Hadaway said, “Both my parents served, my uncle served, my great-grandfather served. It’s just really important that people know who’s out there because really most people think of Memorial Day and they think of the barbeques and going to the beach or picnics and stuff, but it’s really a day of remembering those who have fallen and sacrificed for their country.”

Taylor said, “Learning it is easy, but performing it is a whole different story. It’s hard. Because you have to play it just near perfect. It’s something you really can’t mess up. And nerves get you a lot and just the chill of the moment, I guess.”

Hadaway and Taylor are both members of Bugles across America.

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