Locking cars can help keep the community safe

With the busyness of the summer season quickly approaching, it is important to remember to do one thing every night to make sure your possessions and the community stay safe.

Gulfport police encourages citizens to diligently lock their cars to prevent vehicle burglaries. Sgt. Jason Ducre says vehicle burglaries are just a crime of opportunity. If one car is locked, the criminal will move on to the next one.

Ducre recommends that any items of value, such as GPS or purses, be stored out of sight and that owners get into some sort of routine to ensure their vehicles are locked, especially at night.  “A lot of our stolen guns that we come across are stolen through vehicle burglaries. We are the number one supplier of guns to our kids because we don’t lock our doors. So, if you’re going to be a responsible gun owner make sure you responsible and lock it up.”

Ducre also says one stolen gun is one too many.

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