In Your Shoes

We've all heard the jingle before right? When lines are down, don't you hang around... Well, News 25’s Jaylon Morris hangs around with Mississippi Power as they visit a local elementary school. They visit just in time to hand out safety...
News 25 Today Anchor Jaylon Morris is at it again, and just can't sit still for long periods of time. (Maybe being at the anchor desk four hours a day has something to do with it!) However, Jaylon did...
On this edition of "In Your Shoes", Jaylon Morris rides along with Waste Pro Waste Management Company, who taught him two things.
On this edition of "In Your Shoes", we make time at the Jackson County Animal Shelter to volunteer and check out our lovely dogs and kittens on the coast
News 25 Jaylon Morris would like to welcome you to the very first edition of "In Your Shoes", where he takes on all types of jobs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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