Harrison County School District teachers earn grants from Gulfport Chamber of Commerce

The Gulfport Chamber of Commerce gave out grants to three Harrison County School District teachers to help fund projects they created for their students.

The recipients were Bel-Aire Elementary’s Heather Nittianandan for her project ‘feeding the future,’ West Harrison High’s Bethany Seal for her project ‘tiny house for story characters,’ and West Harrison Middle’s Georgene Danjanic for her project ‘book club is the place to be.’

Nittianandan’s project focuses on teaching students where their food comes from and how to grow their own food. Seal’s project is to incorporate STEM concepts into her English class.  Danjanic’s project is to bring a book club to her school for students.

Nittianandan said, “It feels really good because you put the grant in thinking ‘oh it’s just nice to you know learn how to write these grants in and get your thought out there, but it’s really nice when it comes to you and you’re like okay now my kids can get excited. Let’s see what we can do for our school.”

Danjanic said, “I was shocked. It made my day. It really did, and I still haven’t told the kids. I just can’t wait to get them together and announce it. I’m planning on waiting until the books are here and then call them in and show them.”

The teachers earned $430, $460, and $500 respectively for their projects.

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