Five-year-old Pascagoula girl drowns at Flint Creek Water Park

A five-year-old Pascagoula girl has died following a drowning at Flint Creek Water Park in Stone County.

The Wiggins Police Department tells News 25 Brooklyn Moore passed away at the USA Medical Center in Mobile.

The Wiggins Fire Department and AMR were called to Flint Creek Water Park for a possible drowning Monday night. Responders performed advanced life support procedures on the girl as she was being transferred to a helicopter.

Park visitors say that the beaches were packed with people during Memorial Day and that the water can be risky for young children to swim in because of wakes caused by passing boats and how deep the drop off is. Park visitor Madison Ross said, “You can be walking for a good moment and it’s just down. So, it gets deep pretty quickly. I can’t touch in a lot of spots so I know little kids can’t touch either.”

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