Donnie Levens American Legion Post 1995 remembering with poppies

All weekend, the Donnie Levens American Legion Post 1995 out of Long Beach passed out paper poppies to commemorate those who died fighting for their country.

After World War II, the poppy flourished in Europe. Scientists attributed their growth to soils in France and Belgium becoming enriched with lime from the rubble left by the war.

The poppy came to symbolize bloodshed during battle following the publication of the wartime poem ‘in Flanders Fields,’ written by Lt. Col. John McCrae while serving on the front lines.

Now the flower is often worn on Memorial Day to remember those who gave their life serving their country. Kevin McKenzie with the American Legion Post 1995 said, “The benefits from the poppy distribution is to benefit those that have served and those that have died and those that are veterans with each of our services. Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and Army, and all the other services that have served this country so gracefully and diligently to protect the freedoms that we have.”

One hundred percent of the donations collected over the last three days will go towards helping veterans, military members, and their families.

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