Humanist Group Will Sue to Remove Mississippi Courthouse Nativity Scene

The American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center intends to file a lawsuit on behalf of local citizens in Gulfport, Mississippi, against Harrison County for refusing to remove an unconstitutional nativity scene from its courthouse.

Governor Phil Bryant Announces BP Spending

Governor Bryant announced over $54 million of restore projects for Mississippi in his address to the Gulf Coast Restoration Ecosystem Council.

One Flag for All Mississippians Coast Rally

If you’re a supporter of changing the state flag, opportunities for your voice to be heard are just around the corner.

Mississippi Coast Blessings

Alex North Book Signing

Mississippi refuses Syrian refugees

Gov. Phil Bryant joins more than a dozen other governors in not allowing Syrian refugees to enter the state.

Severe Weather Expected To Impact Mississippi Tuesday Into Wednesday Pearl

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is asking residents to prepare for severe storms that are possible for Mississippi Tuesday into Wednesday.

Bomb Threats at Two South Mississippi High Schools

Two separate bomb threats were made at D’iberville and St. Martin high schools yesterday.

NCAA Ban on Post Season Sports in Mississippi

Since 2001, the NCAA has banned post-season college sports games in states that fly the Confederate flag on their capitol grounds.

Mississippi State Football Player in Fatal Car Accident

A Mississippi State freshman football player was killed in a car crash earlier tonight.

Republican Phil Bryant Wins Second Term as Governor

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has been elected to a second term as the state’s top politician.

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